Sunday, 13 February 2011

Contemplation and contradiction

I have ended up dwelling rather longer than I intended on the recent words of James Delingpole, due to a rather irate friend/commenter taking umbrage at my position. This being the case, I have found myself re-reading the article to discover the truth of the matter, whether my critique on Delingpole is justifiable or merely churlish.

I guess there are two ways to look at it. One is that Delingpole is at least taking the case to the mainstream media, as the example above indicates. To whatever extent he succeeds in awakening an interest in libertarian thinking, it will be for the good. The other involves a long discourse on the Tea Party, Barry Goldwater, Rothbard versus Kochtopus, American foreign policy, the left versus right paradigm, and the importance in fundamental principle, but that will have to wait.


cisbio said...

Howdy dude,

Delingpole is a supercilious, odious twat. Everything about him makes my skin crawl. I could bang on about how odious I find him - but I won't.

Trooper Thompson said...

Ah, Cisbio, my old drinking buddy. Seriously man, we do need to have a drink next time you're around.

As for Delingpole, I have criticised him myself in the past, but there's a rule: my brother and me against my cousin. my cousin and me against the world, and as he's a fellow libertarian, I'll not have you bringing your bolshi chomskyisms around here. Be off with you, curr, before I fetch my riding crop!

alison said...

I freely admit I have developed something of a crush on this man. Clarity, emphatic phrasing, brilliant mind - all a weakness of mine in the way that 70s starlets are to you! He's sexy. Hadn't seen this before now and it's only making it worse. Like anyone should give a shit if he was part of some Bullingdon whatever. Jesus class politics is DULL.

Trooper Thompson said...


I'm sure your comment will give hope to many a man, and your chances are certainly better than mine with Janis, this side of life anyway.