Monday, 21 February 2011

Cutting edge comedy

From the comment thread on the Moose's breakdown of the latest temperance tosh, this time a bunch of ... what're they called, those guys who kill people in hospitals, oh yeah doctors.

The Wasp said...


When you get annoyed with this anti-alcohol bollocks just google Don Shenker and look at the first result - always makes me feel a lot better :)

(Don Shenker is head of Alcohol Concern)

To save y'all the trouble of googling yourself:


George Speller said...

Don't forget - every time you google it helps to keep it top of the list.

(off topic)
If you smoke why not declare it as a religion in the next census.
Just put "SMOKER"
Half a million Jedis are now recognised. We can do the same.

Apologies for intrusive campaign copy.

Trooper Thompson said...

I don't mind the intrusion, except you may be screwing up my 'what census? was there a census?' line of defence. I may have to fall back on a dodgy foreign accent.