Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Lew Rockwell on Egypt

More lazy blogging from me, I'm afraid, so I'll let the venerable Lew Rockwell take up the slack with his latest podcast:

"After 40 years of Made-in-America tyranny, what will happen to Egypt?

War correspondent Eric Margolis and Lew Rockwell discuss the Egyptian army, the monstrous secret police, Camp David, the overcrowding, the food situation, the Palestinians, and Omar Suleiman – the torturer-in-chief for the US – now designated to take Mubarak’s place."


banned said...

Was chatting to an Arab gentleman today who was on his way to a meeting at the Arab Studies Centre, he agreed that appointing Egypts "torturer-in-chief " as VP was not a good plan when trying to appease the masses.

Alison said...

The Saudis, who really run the world, have stepped in and told America no - they want the incumbent to be allowed to hand over power with dignity. So the Americans will do what they are told.

I'm glad. Rushing this would create another Iranian style fiasco. At least the Saudis recognise that much.


Trooper Thompson said...

Alison, I'm surprised to see you siding with the House of Saud. I suppose politics makes for strange bedfellows :) But they ain't so powerful. Without Western support, they'd be out of power pretty quick, I reckon.

alison said...

Its not so much that I was supporting the Saudis as Im not supporting the Brotherhood. In the end I suppose those people will get what they deserve anyway. Democracy is a total sham.

But what do I know? Giving Delingpole a tick means Im an 'unthinking' stupid woman apparently.

Trooper Thompson said...

The attack was on Delingpole, not yourself. You are using Delingpole's article as a stick to beat libertarians, therefore it is fair to attack Delingpole for giving you this weapon.

alison said...

I said in my post that I can fully identify with this issue because from experince Trooper - I can. Instead of slamming the man and deciding anyone who goes aloing with his view is somehow unthinking (polite for stupid) perhaps you could have asked why. Jesus there are enough libertarians on twitter. Try posting something on any of the cultural issues we face today and see where it gets you with libertarians.

My post was hardly "a stick". I only wrote a handful of words suggesting this is why I find it so hard to fall in line with you libs expecting oddly enough for you to partially agree, knowing you know me and the issues I was referring to and expecting one of your food for thought pieces and even maybe to agree with him on matters of culture. There is a twisted sisterhood between libertines and libertarians.

Aw fuck it. Ive ceased to care. Im really stinging at being called thick and will steer clear of this whole lib schtick in future.