Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Not exactly Al Quaida is it?

According to the Mail, 300 'anarchists' held a secret meeting in Manchester to plot disruption to the royal wedding. One of them, terrifyingly, likes to dress up as a vampire. Whoever thought anthropology lecturers were harmless, eh?

Firstly, how do you have a secret meeting with 300 people in the middle of a city?

Secondly, how many of the three hundred are undercover police?

Hat tip: Leg Iron


Leg-iron said...

299 undercover police and one crackpot who thinks he's Dracula.

Actually, you don't need undercover police to render a group ineffective.

You just need to say they're there. Natural paranoia will do the rest.

Musgrave said...

Everything reported by the Mail is "secret": it helps sell copy. Come to think of it, other newspapers aren't so different in this regard.

Autonomous Mind said...

The easiest way to find out who the undercover police are is to see who is shagging whom and who is splashing the cash around. Easy.

Angry Exile said...

As fas as I can see this mob are anarchists for a bigger government. The twats need to be carpet bombed with dictionaries.

James Higham said...

The Bilderbergers like to think they manage a secret meeting of vast numbers.