Tuesday, 22 February 2011

This corrosion

Tom Paine, writing at The Last Ditch gets it spot on (as so often):

"That the State could replace - or even do a better job than - a loving family is the most barbarous of the fallacies by which the 1946 generation has lived. They were so hung up on this fantasy that they systematically undermined the very concept of family at every opportunity. They actively encouraged people to depend on a burgeoning, state that would nurture them "from cradle to grave." Not only was that wrong, it was corrosively wrong."

I'll leave out the personal story as to why I agree most vociferously.

(btw if you know from whence the title of the post sprung into mind, voila)


Paul said...

All I know is that if it was not for the National Health Service my mother would have died soon after she was born. These things are never black and white.

Trooper Thompson said...

I'm sure that's not all you know.