Monday, 21 March 2011

American graffiti

Lauryn Hill: I get out (stencil from here)

Fugees: Ready or not


Tracey said...

Great post I love it, reminds me of a company called Graffiti Kings run by graffiti artist Darren Cullen called Ser from London in the United Kingdom, they are really good professional graffiti artists for hire/commission who have worked with artists like Banksy. Their graffiti wallpaper effect really strikes me as very original, I know many people who would want some hand painted graffiti wallpaper in their kids bedroom or frontroom, go take a look or if they don’t float your boat take a look at the UKs best graffiti artist agency

Trooper Thompson said...

I hope you visited after I finished mucking around with the music on the post.

I also like stencils, which you don't see in England half as much as other countries. I'll check out the links.