Sunday, 20 March 2011

Bomb Libya. It's what Jefferson would have wanted

I'm no cheerleader for Barry Obama, but this attack from Janet Daley in the Telegraph is beyond dumb. According to Daley, the Founding Fathers will be spinning in their graves because of his tardiness in starting the new war with Libya. America, she states:
"has abdicated its role as defender and standard bearer for the principle of freedom – the idea that all men are born with inalienable rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, which the great founding documents of the United States declare to be universal and not simply the birthright of residents of one nation."
Now, the Founding Fathers were a mixed bunch, and few of them emerge untarnished from close-up examination (such is life, they were flesh and blood). They also had widely divergent opinions on the key political issues. But, for what it is worth, the Constitution makes it clear who is responsible for declaring wars. And, whatever Janet Daley thinks, and whatever deluded manifest-destiny bullshit she wants to spread on her roses, that who is Congress, not the President and certainly not the UN.

There's more to say, but her stoopid article ain't worth it.

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