Saturday, 26 March 2011

Concerning the violence on the TUC march

Considering all the window-breakers dress in black with their faces covered, and march around with the red & black flag, it shouldn't be too hard to spot them and take the necessary action.


William said...

They are probably carrying warrant cards as well!

Trooper Thompson said...


I think they can be categorised as 'useful idiots' more than 'agents provocateurs'.

Guy Jean said...

The photo caption reads "civil disobedience". Criminal disobedience, surely?

Trooper Thompson said...

Smashing up the West End is certainly criminal. Organising a 'sit-in' I suppose could be civil disobedience.

I think the police have to explain what the hell their tactics are based on, if they can't work out the difference between the peaceful demonstrators and the blackshirts: here's a clue, coppers: the blackshirts are wearing black shirts and carrying black and red flags.