Monday, 28 March 2011

Equality watchdog gone rabid; fetch the shotgun

If our government really is in the mood for some austerity, they need no more excuse than the latest report from the Equalities Commission to justify savagely cutting its budget. Sadly I doubt that will happen, so we, the idiot tax-payers, will continue to fund loony sociologists and their sick obsessions with children's sexuality.

From a position that few would argue with, namely that it's not good that children are bullied for whatever reason, they attempt to justify prying into the personal lives of children and inculcate the state's orthodoxy in the maleable minds of minors.

If, in the name of scientific inquiry, these academic perverts wish to research the thoughts and feelings of children, then let them do so in the proper manner, which requires them to seek consent from the parents and use the data anonymously. The point of such research is open to question. Its only use, I suggest, is to paedophiles seeking to exploit the vulnerable.

Let this report be a death warrant for the Equalities Commission. It obviously has time on its hands, and as the devil makes use of idle hands, better to turf all these quango-rats out on their arses and save some money for the poor, abused tax-payer.

(Covered in the Mail)


Goodnight Vienna said...

Research like this is carried out on the spurious grounds that economic and health policies need to be targeted to be effective. The EHRC is one of those money-leeching quangos I'd hoped Cameron would drop but that was a dream too far.

On another topic - I saw over the w/end that they've been ordered to pay the latest court costs for the BNP. That surprised me.

Trooper Thompson said...

I've just googled that, and strangely enough I can't find any msm coverage of it. It seems they'd like to push that down the memory hole double-quick.

Goodnight Vienna said...

I came accros it via Twitter in a moment of idle boredom - you know how one link leads to another at times like that. It was a small para in one of the big papers but I just made a mental note and moved on. I wouldn't be able to find it again.

Longrider said...

It's use is to further entrench the idea that "gay" is somehow mainstream and is an okay lifestyle choice as opposed to something that affects a small minority who have no control over their sexuality.

Of course, for adults such a lifestyle choice - and the decision to be open about it is up to them. It is not okay to use this as a form of propaganda to influence the minds of the young.

I recall my own school-days and have a fair idea what sort of response such a question would have had should they have asked it back then. The second word would have been "off".

Longrider said...

I felt sufficiently moved to comment further over at mine.