Monday, 21 March 2011

Roll up, roll up. See the macho men in action

Q: What is a 'no-fly zone'?

A: Whatever the fuck we want it to be, including a justification for assassinating Gaddaffi, according to Dr Liam Fox, as he's a 'legitimate target'. Really, Dr Fox, does that mean you are a legitimate target for Libya as well? But don't worry. They aren't nor were ever a threat. Or else you wouldn't have dared attack them.


Anonymous said...

Can we declare ASH-UK's offices a no-fly zone and do away with them too? They have done more harm to the average UK citizen than Libya has thus far. I mean, to be fair, we should.

William said...

Given the fact there are French planes and French built £1m a piece missiles in the air it would be a right laugh if Parliament in full session went up in smoke by mistake.

There are more Gadfly's in Westminster than there are in Libya.

James Higham said...

And it's been planned for a long time. Blair N2.

Anonymous said...

Libya is not a threat to the UK. However with Qaddafi in charge the West couldn't play with the oil and treat Libya as a colonial state. With him removed removed and a puppet in charge the West can play with the country. Obviously some secret hand at play

Trooper Thompson said...

Anon 1,

that link is tenuous, but slightly appealing.


yeah, what a tragedy that'd be ... but we'd cope.


when, though? My guess is that his card got marked after that speech at the UN.

Anon 2,

if you want order out of chaos, first you need chaos.