Friday, 25 March 2011


What's this all about?
"Southland is a country with a specifically authoritarian government. The former dictator resigned handing over power to his son. Since that time, the country’s policy has become more aggressive; military operations have been launched against the French territory. Proofs of aggression clearly showed Southland’s responsibility in an attack against French strategic interests.

The French President and the British Prime Minister decide to give an immediate and common response to this attack. The French Air Force Chief of Staff and his British counterpart ask the French Air Defence and Air Operations Commander and the British Air Command Deputy Commander in Chief Ops to plan and control this air raid, which is a very long distance conventional strike aimed at a strategic target in Southland.

In order to show the common determination of the two countries and the strike capability of the combined force anywhere on SOUTHLAND territory, the selected target is positioned to the far South of SOUTHLAND."
The answer is 'Southern Mistral'; a Franco-British exercise planned for March 2011, involving planes, bombing, a crazy dictator, stuff like that. Who could have known they'd be doing it for real? Weird. It's almost like ... nah ... couldn't be. Just a coincidence. A spooky coincidence.

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William said...

It's been cancelled!

So the Kermits and the few remaining airworthy Tornado's are practising on Libya instead.

Meanwhile the US Marines who can put more planes into theatre than the RAF can is operating those obsolete 'clapped out' Harriers that nice Mr Cameron scrapped a few weeks ago from a ship called USS Kearsarge which is not too dissimilar in size to the Invincible class.

How ironic it will be though when the silent hulk HMS Invincible is towed through the med past Libya on her way to Turkey for scrapping.

Hanging is too good for those in office.