Wednesday, 2 March 2011

What is happening in Libya?

Ever since the trouble kicked off in Libya, I've had a sense that we are being actively misled, and, as the Western governments queued up to rattle their sabres - in ways that were conspicuously different from their reaction to the other countries in the Middle East, my suspicions have grown. It's almost like toppling Gaddafi was the plan all along.

Now along comes Russia Today, reporting that the satellite evidence doesn't back up the MSM's narrative:

Hat tip: Infowars

UPDATE: Here's an interesting article with a great title: "The London School of Useful Idiots", lifting the lid on the the connections between the Gaddafi family, the LSE, various ex-spooks, arms dealers and, of course, Anthony fucking Blair.

Hat tip: Anna Raccoon


fraser said...

My thoughts exactly.

As you have already said our "leaders" have behaved very different with the situation in Libya than the other uprisings.My concerns are they are using this one to settle an old score?

Trooper Thompson said...

It all seems so scripted.