Sunday, 10 April 2011

Anti-smoking nuts market chemical lobotomy as "cure"

If you thought smoking was bad for the health, meet the fucking cure!
"The vaccination works using pleasure inhibitors by preventing the subject from getting any enjoyable sensation from his or her intake of nicotine."
Yeah, I think we've been here before, haven't we? Here's one story to start you off. Not so much kicking the habit, as kicking the bucket. But... wait a sec... now, there's an idea...

New cure for smoking unveiled
A new treatment for nicotine addiction is close to approval, and, according to clinical trials, it may sound the death nell for smoking. "Tumbril TM promises a revolution in smoking cessation" claimed Prof. Guillotine of the Committee of Public Health and Safety. (cont. pg 94)
Hat tip: Dick Puddlecote


Dick Puddlecote said...

Ta for the link. Note the family of the Sky Sports guy - back in 2008 - asked for more research into the dangers. Err, it's still being prescribed and people are still dying.

The only research being done is how to administer it in a different fashion.

Trooper Thompson said...

'administer it in a different way'?

I should think ramming it down a musket and firing it point blank into the temple would be safer than the prescribed method.

Leg-iron said...

It would also cure drinking and obesity.

It won't cure politicians because they never use that part of their anatomy anyway.

James Higham said...

Couldn't see the post for a cloud of smoke. I'll recover soon.

Trooper Thompson said...


I'm not sure about that, and I think it's worth a try.