Sunday, 10 April 2011

Can we leave yet?

I try, honestly, to raise the tone round here, but then shit like this comes along.
European politicians rejected three cost-cutting measures, which would have seen salaries frozen and travel allowances cut...

"Marta Andreasen, a former chief accountant at the European Commission and Ukip MEP, said : "This proves categorically and unambiguously that when the European Parliament speaks of austerity measures it applies to everybody else except the institution itself.

"MEPs were given the opportunity to lead by example and save millions and millions of pounds in the budget for 2012. Instead they chose to show their true colours to taxpayer's across Europe. I am appalled that Labour and Liberal MEPs voted to fly in the lap of luxury at taxpayers expense while ordinary people at taking cuts in services and paying more tax."

I'm just gonna take a few deep breaths and let it go.

Hat tip: Calling England


Anonymous said...

Don't you dare let it go.

You hang on to that breath, and when the bastards turn up on your doorstep you let it go.

Let the f*****s know how you feel.

Trooper Thompson said...

Just calming myself before squeezing the trigger.