Saturday, 16 April 2011

David Deutsch contra AV

Still undecided. Still nothing appealing on the menu.

Hat tip: Samizdata


Mark Wadsworth said...

AV is infinitely better because it will allow people to cast as many protest votes as they like. Each GE will become a series of mini-referendums, because you'll be able to stand as, or vote for, single-issue candidates like the "Scrap planning laws" party or the "Prevent any new construction whatsoever" party according to taste.

Trooper Thompson said...

Yes, but what about his point? That the third party will become entrenched, and that the system will not allow us to throw the bums out?

Tippex Monkey said...

TT - the t-shirt he's wearing is from The Amaz!ng Meeting: London which was that skeptics conference I went to.

See, you criticised it at the time but it was attended by thinking people!

Trooper Thompson said...

Is that Bill and Ted's Amazing Meeting? Excellent!

I've no doubt it was attended by thinking people, but as I remember it, Reverend Dawkins was somehow involved, which would explain my hostility.