Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Graham Watson MEP: scum

Earlier I was listening to Lord Monckton on the Alex Jones Show, telling the tale of Jason McGoldrick, grabbed in the middle of the night by the Stasi Soca and bundled off to a prison in Hungary, where he was kept for four months without any charge, until he was released, due to pressure from the UKIP MEP William Dartmouth. It's not hot off the press, but here's a good compare and contrast of the traitorous Lib Dem Nazi MEP Graham Watson, who boasts of his part in implementing the European Arrest Warrant and one of his victims.

Tumbrils - roll!

Fuck you, Graham Watson MEP. You dare mention the Rule of Law. Man, you better fear the Rule of Law if it returns to this country. Breaking in doors in the middle of the night, hauling people off to foreign jails, holding them without charge is nothing to do with the Rule of Law - but may it be visited on your head! May you reap what you sowed!


Smoking Hot said...

Jesus Christ ... no wonder they go out of their way to make us defenseless. Then we've got Camerloon supporting this lot of butchers although he calls them democracy freedom rebels

This country is well and truly fucked along with the rest of the EUSSR. If there was a revolution tomorrow l'd join it ... and l don't mean a keyboard revolution!

Sue said...

I'm not sure if it's me but have you put a search in for Graham Watson MEP on google?

After watching the video, I did just that. First, nothing came up at all. Strange I thought, then the auto-suggest said "Graham Watson Blog" which I clicked on.

Every page that came up was cached. Even the Wiki page on him appears to be cached...

SadButMadLad said...

I had no problem searching for "Graham Watson MEP" and with "blog". Though I wish I hadn't read his blog - crap!

The caching is not an issue. Many sites/pages are cached by Google. Even AnnaRaccoon is cached.

Trooper Thompson said...


I'm all for a revolution, but can we wait until after the bank holidays? I checked out the link - looks like we're at war with Eastasia, and have always been so, notwithstanding earlier reports.


that s.o.b needs caching down a mineshaft.


I shall peruse that blog, in a quiet, seething, moment.

James Higham said...

Breaking in doors in the middle of the night, hauling people off to foreign jails, holding them without charge ...

It's on the way, Trooper and I was in the land that delighted in it. Yet half of our people seem to want this.