Sunday, 10 April 2011

Iceland: Well said!

Iceland: top geysers

Am I, an Englander, supposed to be annoyed because plucky little Iceland just gave the Agincourt salute to Britain and the Netherlands? Well, I'm not. I'm happy that, at least somewhere, there are people who won't go willingly into serfdom on behalf of a handful of crooked banksters.

According to a sorrowful Ministry of Truth bulletin:

"Solving the dispute is also seen as key to Iceland's chances of joining the EU."

Chances? That makes it sound like a positive thing! What a bizarre notion! Does the Beeb not realise that the majority of people in this country detest the EU and long for the day when we reclaim our independence?

If any Icelanders come across this humble blog, may I exhort you to keep up the good fight.

Pic found here; Hat tip: Snowolf

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Angry Exile said...

Good on 'em. This is an attitude we all need to copy.