Friday, 8 April 2011

Kinnock wishes death on Lord Pearson

Neil 'Windbag' Kinnock, crooked, traitorous enemy of the nation, minted from his tenure in Brussels, where his job was to cover up fraud and persecute whistle-blowers, now ensconced in ermine - like the true class warrior which he once claimed to be - interrupts one of the very few Parliamentarians who loves this country, Lord Pearson, with this remark:
Lord Kinnock: My Lords, when the noble Lord, Lord Pearson of Rannoch, says that he wants to stick to his guns, I am inclined to hope that he goes very near to the muzzle of those guns-indeed, just in front-because that would be a suitable location.
May your words come back on you, you fucking leech.

Hat tip: EU Referendum. Read the debate here, from Hansard, 5th April 2011, but be warned; you will be sickened by what so many of these treasonous 'Lords' say.


Anonymous said...

Kinnock and the hag Kinnock are the biggest troughers in the EU
That's rich

Trooper Thompson said...

They're certainly bad, but I fear there are likely worse! We never know the full extent, because any investigator likely to lift the lid gets fired for 'not showing sufficient loyalty' to the crooked Brussels Directoire.