Saturday, 16 April 2011

LPUK members: the apposite clause...

... of the Party Constititution is:
11: Special General Meetings

11.1 The NCC may, at any time, call a Special General Meeting, hereinafter referred to as a "SGM"
11.2 Attendance at a SGM is open to all non-suspended Party members only
11.3 The NCC shall
(a) give notice of the date and place of the "SGM" to members at least four weeks before the intended date;
(b) set the entire agenda for the SGM
11.4 At a SGM
(a) only attending Party members will be entitled to vote;
(b) a two thirds majority of those voting will be required for a vote to be carried.
Any time after the 16th of May is fine with me.

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