Sunday, 8 May 2011

Cameron vogues Eurosceptic

Fellow countrymen concerned by the hand-over of political power to the Evil Union can breathe a sigh of relief, because the PM isn't going to fly the EU rag over 10 Downing Street tomorrow, this being "Europe Day".

Oh yeah, forget the reality, forget how much this government has already done to further the destruction of our sovereignty, and cling to the symbolic slight Cameron is delivering.

On the subject of "Europe Day", I was recently searching around to see if any kind of celebration was planned for this country, or what's left of it. All I could find is some kind of Flemish beer and fry fest, which is a smart move, because any overtly pro-EU event would garner no support, whereas drinking beer in a tent has an appeal.

If there was more time, or if I had a legion of activists waiting on my every word, I'd suggest turning 9th May into a Day of Mourning for our Lost Sovereignty and proceed up to the London headquarters of the Evil Commission with a coffin, and burn some EU flags to boot.

Any other prospective pall-bearers out there?


Anonymous said...

Great idea TT.

Black armband it is.

James Higham said...

I think many of us would embrace a Europe Day, just not an EU Day.

Trooper Thompson said...


I don't see how such a thing could be done in a way that wouldn't reek of state-sanctioned jollification