Friday, 6 May 2011


An off-hand comment from Dick Puddlecote provoked me to YouTube 'tumbleweed' and first up I came across this, which is quite bizarre. I make no apologies for the soundtrack of children laughing, which I personally find quite infectious.


alison said...

I discovered this about a year ago when I did the same thing - youtubed tumbleweed. Mainly cos I'd seen some in Arizona when out there and wanted to keep a ball as a pet. This video had me in stitches! I also have nesting cooing pigeons on my balcony which I have to chase off every day. I dont hate pigeons but it is driving me mad. How weird is that!

(I also lurve Almost Fanous, your video above)

Trooper Thompson said...

Keep one as a pet! I like it. It's weird the way they seem to run.

As for the pigeons, it's that time of year, I guess. I didn't hear them today, so hopefully they've found another place to make their home.