Friday, 10 June 2011

Bilderberg scum meeting again

Inside the Bilderberg Meeting - an artist's impression

I know this, because the BBC is running its periodic hit-piece on conspiracists, or why people keep asking their masters impertinent questions? Entitled: Bilderberg mystery: why do people believe in cabals? it starts thus:
Ordinary people can only guess at the goings-on at the meetings of the secretive Bilderberg Group, which is bringing together the world's financial and political elite this week. Conspiracy theories abound as to what is discussed and who is there. Why, asks Tom de Castella?
Ordinary people, huh? Certainly if we rely on the BBC to inform us, we can only guess. That's because the BBC has never lifted a finger to do its job and actually report. Not even a camera man to film the limos arriving, let alone trying to find out what is being discussed, and, as the article explains, if you dare to wonder you will be dismissed as a jew-hating nutter.

So much for the BBC. Happily we are no longer so reliant on gate-keepers like Orwell's Ministry of Truth, as there are news-gathering organisations who are prepared to put boots on the ground in search of a story.

Charlie Skelton is there again, which will make this his third year in a row. The change in perspective of Skelton has been something to warm the heart of truth-seekers. Three years ago he turned up in Greece, expecting to enjoy himself and have a laugh at the expense of the tinfoil hat brigade, but his rapid descent into a police-state-nightmare, being arrested more than once, being followed everywhere etc woke him up that something sinister lies at the heart of Bilderberg.

As ever, the question for the scoffers is this: please explain why a secret meeting involving the people listed here is not newsworthy, and not only not newsworthy, but so incredibly un-newsworthy that only crazy people would want to know what is going on?


James Higham said...

And of course that question has no satisfactory answer from them.

Anonymous said...

The financial elite can do more or less what they want, but the politicos are supposedly accountable, so secret meetings with rich guys where nothing is ever made public might just be worthy of investigation you would think.
Otherwise ex-PM's could end up unaccountably wait.

Guy Jean said...

Julian Lassange has some choice things to say about the media in his Russia Today interview (it's in English, not Russian). If you think the media is there to inform us so that we can be an informed populace, his words might make you think again. Even if you don't think that, his words are pretty chilling. Just search for Julian Lassange interview Russia Today on YouTube.

Sean Mansell said...

I think the secrecy is probably because they hang around using each others buttocks to toast marshmallows public school style or have Roman orgies a la last day's of pompeii? what else could the rich corporate capitalists and political peado's in speedo's have to do?