Monday, 20 June 2011

East German style control grid forges ahead under Lib/Tory government

I had no expectations that kicking out the puppet with the red rosette and putting in the puppet with the blue rosette would change the agenda of the Whitehall branch of the Brussels division of the New World Order tyrannical government.

So I'm not surprised to learn that the puppets are announcing a police database which will be used to store information on innocent and guilty alike. I suppose they'll claim it's something to do with protecting the public from criminals, but obviously not the criminals who operate within the state, who now have another tool at their disposal, and obviously not the criminals the Justice Secretary Ken Clarke is so keen to release, no matter how dangerous they may be.

The two policies seem incongruous, until you realise the plan is to turn the whole country into an open prison, where we can all be monitored and surveilled, which has the benefits of stifling dissent and enabling the state to prey upon us with a thousand petty tyrannies.

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