Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The hacking rash: Problem; Reaction; Solution

In recent times we have seen an upsurge in stories about 'cyber attacks' and hacking, including the report that the Census 2011 has been hacked, although this is far from confirmed. Anyone with knowledge of the modus operandi of the Powers That Be (and a cynical mind perhaps) will figure that we are being softened up.

It is already as good as admitted that the Stuxnet virus was designed by Israeli and/or US intelligence interests, but this hasn't stopped allied Western governments using it as an example of why we should all be very afraid of the 'cyber terrorists'. Whether we are to include those who ostensibly work for our governments is not wholly clear.

Nevertheless, the authorities are advancing their agenda to lock down the internet on a number of fronts. The protection of dinosaur media/music corporations from copyright violation is one, and protecting us, the meek and cowering public, from 'cyber terrorists' is another. The solution that this government and their string-pulling masters will no doubt be putting forward will involve curtailments of our freedom and more power to the agents of the state.

One thing you can be sure they will not consider is refraining from creating huge databases of our personal information, such as the one holding Census 2011 data, which are inherently risky. If the Census had been limited to what its legitimate function, there would be no need to hack it, as it would contain not much more than the voting register, which is readily available.

If the Census has indeed been hacked, the blame will lie squarely with this government for creating the risk in the first place.

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