Saturday, 18 June 2011

Ken Clarke saved Euro project claims Bilderberg pal

Ken Clarke, friend to the nation's rapists and top British Bilderberger (he's on the Steering Group) has been praised by eurocrat Jean-Claude Juncker for single-handedly saving the Euro project back in 1993. Apparently he got together with some of his chums and made sure the French didn't get their way over the Germans, who, as ever, were running a strict monetary regime and thus causing problems for their more crooked neighbours. According to the Graun:
The Luxembourger, who also chairs the eurogroup of the 17 countries in the single currency, appears convinced that the UK will eventually see the light.

"In the long-term thinking of the British, joining the euro is an issue," he contends. "The UK will introduce the euro. On the day that the British realise that the pound is a regional currency without any international influence, they will join."

Wakey wakey mother fucker! Turn on the television! Read a newspaper! Your stinking Euro project is going down in flames. LONG LIVE GREECE! LONG LIVE THE DRACHMA! As for the British joining, don't hold your breath, mate, or better still hold your breath and keep it held until we join, or until hell freezes over whichever comes first.

Ken Clarke does not represent the British, except British rapists of course.


Michael Fowke said...

How can this twat imagine we will join the euro now?

Trooper Thompson said...

I guess that's what the British politicians he meets, and the British mandarins he meets in Brussels, all of whom are traitors to their country and serve Brussels. His mistake is not to realise that these people are a tiny, but powerful, minority.