Monday, 27 June 2011

Libya: breaking the information blockade

LinkWayne Madsen may have his own agenda, judge for yourself, but he has at least gone to Libya to see with his own eyes. From RT


will said...

today the beeb let slip that the nato 'action' in Libya was now 100 days old and had involved over 5000 "air attack" missions (their words not even mine).
funny how about 80 days ago the official line was that nothing was going on. also funny how in the opening days (according to the official timeline) of the last two gulf wars the powers that be were more than happy to broadcast all that exciting aerial bombing video. but its taken 100 days for any kind of mainstream admission that there is something that noone dare call a war being waged by nato in Libya.
in another 6 months it will have slowly dawned on the unthinking masses that there are now at least 3 major wars being waged. which might explain why the uk apparently has the 4th largest defence budget in a wolrd where we are a tiny isolated minow

Trooper Thompson said...

Well, if you want to strut around as policeman of the world, you need to spend big money, and according to what I hear from America, the ground troops are going in around October.