Sunday, 26 June 2011

More evidence that the dossier that Blair used to take us to war was cooked

A memo obtained under Freedom of Information has provided further evidence that the 'dodgy dossier' on Iraq's WMD was cooked up to make the case for war. According to the Graun:
Sir John Scarlett, who as head of the Joint Intelligence Committee was placed "in charge" of writing the September 2002 dossier, sent a memo to Blair's foreign affairs adviser referring to "the benefit of obscuring the fact that in terms of WMD Iraq is not that exceptional".

The memo, released under the Freedom of Information Act, has been described as one of the most significant documents on the dossier yet published.

The disclosure supports the evidence of the former intelligence official Michael Laurie, who told the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war that it was widely understood that the dossier was intended to make a case for war and misrepresented intelligence to this particular end.

The role of the Joint Intelligence Committee is to present impartial intelligence-based advice to ministers, Alistair Campbell, Blair's director of communications, told Scarlett that the dossier's credibility depended on it being seen to be the work of Scarlett and his team of experts.

I hope the matter is pursued. It is imperative that people in government are held to account. No one is above the law.

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