Thursday, 7 July 2011

Have we got (another) smoking gun on the stinking Obama regime?

Uncoverage reports:

Operation “Fast and Furious” is moving slowly, but relentlessly upstream to the desks of Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama, both of whom are for now….stonewalling.

The newest information is that, as promised, the director of ATF, Kenneth Melson, is refusing to quit and take the fall for the higher-ups who ordered the investigation. In a surprise move, Melson showed up to testify secretly to a Congressional oversight committee on the 4th of July…with a personal attorney, not Department of justice legal counsel.

Eric Holder's got a lot of questions to answer, with regard to supplying weapons to the crazy Mexicano drug gangs, cos it looks like he's been lying through his teeth. The plan to demonise the Second Amendment, by blaming the Mexican drug war on the legal gun trade in the US, seems to have gone awry. Something to watch as this unravels, especially as Obama is also up to his neck in this.

Gateway Pundit are also on this one. Fox has this report of one crime south of the border with guns supplied by ATFE.


Amusing Bunni said...

Lying to investigators and congress, both of these criminals should be jailed, and the biggest liar impeached and imprisoned for DECADES!

This makes watergate look like a kiddy party!
I hope Issa takes this all the way, and we get rid of them ASAP!

Trooper Thompson said...