Tuesday, 19 July 2011

It ain't paranoia if it's true

According to the Mail story Sean Hoare, the ex-NoTW hack found dead, believed he was a marked man. A friend and neighbour revealed:
"Mr Hoare, 47, had become increasingly reclusive and paranoid in recent weeks."
Reading on, we learn:
"Police could not rule out suicide but friends suggested natural causes was also a possibility as he had been suffering from ill health."
"His solicitor David Sonn said: ‘I last spoke to him a week ago and he seemed fine."
"A friend who saw him more recently described him as ‘sober’ and wanting to rebuild his career."


The Humble Servant said...

One comment I read Twitter was

"seems about 90% of whistleblowers die in suspiciously non-suspicious circumstances... I may have said too much! Shit... No.."

Trooper Thompson said...

Yeah, the old Whistle-Blower Syndrome claims another victim.