Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Judge David Wood: how low can you go?

Judge Wood gives a good headline: "How could you sink so low?" proclaims the Mail, as the man in the silly wig expresses his distaste for a couple of verminious thieves who stole a war memorial and sold it for scrap... and then what does he do?

He lets them go free.

It wouldn't be fair not to also hold up the so-called prosecution lawyers who allowed these two tapeworms to plead to a lesser charge of 'handling stolen goods'. Nevertheless this crime has a maximum sentence of 14 years.

So, Judge, if you were so disgusted, why didn't you throw the book at them, rather than setting them free to continue their thieving? Oh yeah, I remember. You're a typical judge and you haven't got a clue. Still, I'm sure the crooks learnt their lesson: look pitiful, act dumb, hold out your hand for a little slap, and go on your way, laughing.

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