Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The martyrdom of Saint Rupert

Those who see politics as a battle between left and right, where the left is good and the right is evil, are seeking to exploit the furore over News of the World to smash Murdoch's empire and silence something they see as an enemy.

They call for regulation, but don't identify who is to do the regulating. They call for objectivity and a lack of bias. Just like the BBC, right? They say they want a free press, but what they mean is that they want a press that is less free than now. They decry the undue influence of Murdoch but won't mention the BBC elephant.

They do not believe in freedom. They are followers of the leftist ideology. Those who do not follow this ideology, in one way or another, are viewed as evil. As such, these evil-doers can and should be silenced. They only spread evil, and the public must be shielded from such influences, due to the appeal of such evil ideas.

Reader, is this you I'm describing? Are you thinking; 'What nonsense! The writer is a typical evil rightwinger sticking up for Murdoch the plutocrat. There's nothing wrong with regulation and anyway the BBC isn't biased.' If so, feel free to argue...

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Anonymous said...

I met a girl who worked for the BBC in a bar one time, I said I felt the BBC had a very left wing bias.

She asked what the problem with that was, rather that than have a right wing bias.

I don't suppose it would occur to her that a publicly funded organisation should have an obligation to be impartial.

In fact my sister in law-just got a job at the BBC, proper champagne socialist, she'll fit right in.

Trooper Thompson said...

Leftists believe that their leftist ideas are impartial and unbiased, and that those who disagree are evil.

Michael Fowke said...

"Leftists believe that their leftist ideas are impartial and unbiased, and that those who disagree are evil."

This really is the problem. They think that they are nice people, civilized and caring, etc. BUT THEY WORK FOR SATAN.

Single acts of tyranny said...

The odd thing is, that if the market is left alone monopolies cannot exist as Murray Rothbard observed. Thus Rupert, even if he were the devil, would soon face any number of competitors.

Guy Jean said...

What? You think Murdoch is a saint?!?!? You are clearly evil, evilly plotting evil deeds, evilly. You, and any like-minded evildoers must be punished! I think posting a graphic of a saint and implying that the title applies to an evildoer is a criminal offence. Or if it ain't, it should be!

James Higham said...

Beware leftists calling for any positive attribute - they mean the opposite.

The Humble Servant said...


As a recovering Leftist, I would like to comment:

In the last couple of months my flatmate has had a range of friends visiting and I find myself wanting to punch them because it's like having a discussions with the university-aged me. That is - someone very left who think everyones should be allowed to do what they want PROVIDED it fits in with my ideals of what is fair. And that's the rub.

Lefties do believe in a utopian society and with a lot of them their hearts are in the right place but unfortunately their heads are not. I recall many years ago when there was talk of some foxes making their way to Tasmania perhaps via shipping vessels from Melbourne. Now, Tasmania is free of many pests, introduced species and diseases and as such has a precious and delicate natural environment. Well, when word go out of possible foxes and possible proof, there were calls to track the foxes down and kill them. I will never forget some lefty, animal lover came out as some spokeswoman and said "Don't kill the foxes. The animals will learn to co-exist". And that for me is the problem with far too many Left-swinging people. They mean well in their hearts but their heads are filled with shit. The dream and reality are two very different things.

And now I'm in rant mode I'd like to further my argument of where Lefties with their received wisdom are wrong. And I will do that with two arguments I've had very recently with said guests.

1. The European Union
To many this is seen as some lovely union where we all live as one. I asked them if they like democracy. They say yes. I then ask them if you think it's fair the UK is part of the EU despite its citizens never having a choice in the matter.

"But there was a vote"

No, I tell them. There was a referendum in 1975 to continue with the then EEC - consisting of 9 countries. Over 35 year, it's trebled in size, gained more power and changed enormously but without the choice of the citizens. How is this fair?

"But the EU is good for the UK"

That is your opinion. If the EU pushed an isolationist agenda for its countries would you still feel the same?

If you are a democracy loving person who believes everyone's voice should be heard then let those voices be heard. Democracy is a bitch when you don't get your way.

Am I anti-EU? I think there's good and bad but I do think it's insane for any country to be part of an union without the majority of its citizens agreeing. Especially when such an organisation passes laws through un-elected officials. There are no "buts" to the argument. Who can't disagree with democracy only when it serves you well.

Just last night I expressed my anger at 'women-only' things such as gyms, hotel floors and hospital wards.

"You're angry about that?" I got, mockingly.

I am tired of these divisive aspects of society which go unchecked. 'Women only' comes from this idea that men make women uncomfortable and this is okay to tolerate. Dirty men!!

I suggested white only buses in London in return because statistically I'm much less likely to be stabbed on a bus full of white people as opposed to a multicultural bus.

"But that's racist and prejudiced"

As is the idea that the tiny amount of perverted men who commit crimes should propagate the notion that all men are potential rapists. In fact, I would think the tiny proportion of perverted men is similar to the proportion of black people who stab people on buses. i.e. the exception, not the rule.

So why can one form of discrimination and prejudice get the seal of approval from the left but the other not? Equality means equality. But like democracy, it's a bitch if it doesn't fit your own agenda.

.... to be continued.

The Humble Servant said...

Part 2
And that is why I am no longer as Left as I used to be. I truly believed the Left were the more educated, more progressive and more peaceful group. But as time has moved on I've learned that so many of them are just as ignorant as the man on a hill screaming all africans are cannibals.

And this comes to the point of TT's blog - no-one should be LEFT or RIGHT. If you are then you are no longer making decisions of your own. There is nothing wrong with having a little of column A, B and C.

As is a constant debate with my flatmate - why does she only ever read The Guardian? If you only read from people you agree with you cease to have an opinion of your own and will soon stop questioning what you're told. And then you are useless.

Here ends my very long rant.

Trooper Thompson said...

Dude, next time that guest comes over, invite me along! Lemme at her/him.

I can tell you've passed the recovering stage of Lefty Delusion Syndrome, as you didn't even qualify your post with reference to 'Saint' Rupert being a tosser. You've come a long way.

The Humble Servant said...

See, I think you'd prove more a hinderance than anything else. It's the problem with getting into debates with guests. You can't call them cunts because it makes breakfast the next day a little tense.

As for Rupert. I think the guy is a cock and is now being taken to task and rightly so HOWEVER if he goes, I am concerned as to who will replace him.

Though I do think the guy who shoved foam in his face should be released without charge and then sent on a country walk with a blunt knife.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a left-wing lady commenting on Nick Griffin being on Question Time - "I believe in free speech, but this man should never be allowed to voice his opinions!" (or words to that effect; alas, I cannot remember the exact quote - it was probably a lot funnier!)

BTW, have never liked Murdoch - won't even think about getting Sky.


Trooper Thompson said...


that's why you need me there - I won't care about breakfast,I will merely turn up, explain that their beliefs are essentially the same as Pol Pot's but it's okay, as they'll probably grow out of them if they're not too dull, and leave.

Thanks for all your comments, folks.

The Humble Servant said...


Complete agree. It was the same when there were people protesting down at City Hall when the BNP got seats on the London Council and people had signs like "Ban The BNP! Stop Fascism!" without any self awareness.