Monday, 18 July 2011

Memo to William Hague: STFU

Alerted by 13th Spitfire, I stumble upon William Hague's piss-poor excuse of a justification for his vile party's treachery vis à vis the EU.

I have no idea who this is aimed at. The Tories' pathetic referendum pledge is worth less than used toilet paper, but I suppose there are a few Stockholm Syndromed ninnies still in the party of Edward Heath, who may convince themselves against all the evidence that Hague and his chums aren't really the bunch of traitors they so clearly are.

Listen to him!
"This is a historic development for the British people and for our Parliament. This law hands back democratic control of the way the EU is developing to the British electorate."
I'm not sure whether to laugh or vomit ... and then I get to this bit, and decide vomiting is definitely the appropriate response:
"The European Union offers a lot for Britain: free markets across Europe that are of great benefit to our businesses, the means to work together closely in foreign affairs to our mutual advantage and the spread and entrenchment of freedom, the rule of law, prosperity and stability across Europe."
Hague: fuck off. No, really: FUCK OFF. You're a cunt. You're a traitor. You're a fucking joke. You're so lacking in credibility, you could almost be on the European Commission.

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