Monday, 18 July 2011

More news for gold bugs

Via the Cobden Centre, I come to Andy Duncan's interview with Thomas Jacob, of the Property and Freedom Society from Zurich Canton and one of the chief proponents of the return of the Swiss gold franc, the plan being to launch a gold-backed currency to run in parallel with the Swiss paper franc.

Herr Jacob makes some interesting remarks on the Swiss system of democracy, and how the people have power to initiate political decisions in the face of united opposition from the political class, such as when the latter tried to disarm the former, who are required by law to keep weapons at home. It put me in mind to check the stats comparing crime in the United Kingdom of disarmed slaves versus Switzerland, which I note on this Canadian blog, where I also find the clip below.


Anonymous said...

I recall talking to some colleagues at the time of the ban on guns (post Dunblane) and I seemed to be the only one saying "no, no, no" Everyone else just meekly went along with it.

Trooper Thompson said...

The PTB put in the leg-work, going back to 1920 (or even 1903) with an incremental, snail's pace gun-confiscation programme, so by the time Dunblane came along, with the hoi polloi all hopped up on emotion, the voice of reason could not be heard - as you recall.