Friday, 22 July 2011

Poor old Plod

Apparently the cuts to the Police 'Service' will lead to a rise in crime. Maybe. But then, maybe it's time to take a new approach to crime, by which I mean an old approach to crime - you know, the one that actually worked.

As I noted below and have noted similar many times before, you can be A PSYCHOPATHIC MURDERER LITERALLY and they'll let you out of jail to continue your murdering. You can rape children and they'll give you another chance - NOT ONLY THAT THEY'LL LET YOU OUT EARLY, THEY WON'T EVEN HOLD YOU FOR THE FUCKING JOKE SENTENCE THE WIG HANDS DOWN. You can be a career burglar and all the 'justice' system will do is lock you in with your Play Station for a couple of months and out you get. It's not difficult to work out the problem here. There are people lying in comas that are capable of spotting it.

What the police are doing, when they're not filling in forms, is chasing after people they know very well, because they've already arrested them many times before, and each time the fucker gets let go to continue to fuck with other people.

I don't blame the common police for this, of course. It is the fault of the judiciary, the CPS and the Fabian scum who have disemboweled our justice system, to whom I say; You've had your chance. We've tried it your way and it doesn't work. So fuck off back to your ivory tower with your marxist sociology books written by cunts.

I feel better now.


Andrew said...

I know the "common police" like us to think their ineptitude is not their fault. But I say bullshit.

They managed to kick up a fuss and organize a march in London when their pay was threatened. Yet they've not raised a finger when it comes to protecting the public.

So fuck them and their "order following".

Captain Ranty said...


They do not swear to protect the public.

Their Oath of Constable has them swearing to protect the Crown.

I don't know about you, but that neatly explains everything for me.


Anonymous said...

There will be no reduction in the numbers of the black suited, intimidatory, baton/pepper spray/cs gas/tazer weilding thugs that make up the Special Tactical Group.

Single acts of tyranny said...

If the state abolished victimless crimes completely, (drugs*, speeding on empty roads and endless other pointless violations of some code or other), simplified and narrowed the remit of the cops, legalised an armed citizenry and sought only to protect person and property, then backed that up with mandatory doubling of prison sentences on each conviction (without remission) we might statr to make progress.

(*I speak as an uber-nerd who wouldn't know where to buy drugs, how to roll a joint or indeed how to smoke one)

Bucko said...

I was going to comment but Single Acts of Tyranny said it all.

Andrew said...

Thanks for the info CR.

I'd imagine they also get that type of garbage drilled into their head when training. (And probably on a daily basis while working too...)

Trooper Thompson said...

My main beef is with the so-called justice system. I take the points made, but there are some decent coppers out there. I agree with the remedies of SAOT.