Friday, 29 July 2011

Reminiscing about Labour in power

Let it never be forgotten just how bad Labour were in power, and how we are still blighted by them, and will be until we take out all their legislation, build a massive pyre and burn it to ashes.

Alas, their cowardly cousins now in charge, who differ oh so very slightly, lack the conviction or desire to do this, but prefer to continue adding to the monstrous statute with their own pet legislative projects, and it falls to a private member to attempt to remove this dune of dunderheaded tyranny one grain at a time. Thus (again from El Reg):

A private member's bill proposing to decriminalise offering musical instruments without a licence received its second reading on Friday. The, er... what? You may well ask.

The Licensing Act of 2003 introduced bans on unlicensed musical instruments appearing in public. The law, intended to promote musical events at small venues, must be one of New Labour's most absurd and bureaucratic legacies. Leaving a piano in a school or church hall without the necessary paperwork and approval risks a £20,000 fine and six months in jail.

Labourites, how are you liking your legacy? Where are you, anyway? Come and defend your stupid laws. Leave a comment. Explain to me what the fuck is the matter with you.

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