Thursday, 7 July 2011

Sickening terror hype of the week

The fact that your chances of dying from a bee sting are far higher should not deter you. Be afraid, very afraid and hand over what's left of your dignity and privacy, because those evil teworwists have come up with a new ruse: the internal bomb, surgically placed within the body.

Under the circumstances, if the goons at airports and coming to a highstreet near you some time soon wish to put you through a proctology exam and a radiation-heavy body scan, who could possibly object? Not the establishment media of course, those valiant bulldogs of liberty. The Guardian article does not even raise an eyebrow, let alone call out this bullshit for what it is.

Time to heed the warning of James Madison:

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy."


Leg-iron said...

So it's strip, through the metal detector, through the irradiation machine and then stand in line for dissection. Then your remaining bits can finally be loaded onto the plane.

And still they bleat 'nothing to hide, nothing to fear'.

Sheep will happily follow the leader right into the slaughterhouse. I've seen it.

I used to think humans were different.

Anonymous said...

Well this is easy. Just don't patronise these places with your custom. When business starts making a noise about this then maybe TPTB will listen. So far this is all good news for small, independent shops, online businesses and holidaying in the UK.

Can't say I frequent these places anyway, and I gave up flying 2 years ago as the appalling customer service and delays began making holidays a joyless experience.

I now holiday in England where my money stays in the local economy. They can stuff their intrusion - starve the beast.


Mark Wadsworth said...


Perhaps it is possible to have a surgically implanted bomb, but either it would be very small (to get past the scanners and not kill the smuggler) in which case it wouldn't make much of a bang, or it would be big enough to make a proper bang (in which case it would either be picked up by scanners or kill the smuggler anyway).

So this is the most ridiculous story I have heard since they made up fourth hand smoke.

Trooper Thompson said...

I think part of this bullshit is to stop people flying. I've hardly flown in recent years, and the airport experience in this country is one of the reasons. It's like visiting a tyranny theme park, and if they tell me to go through a scanner, I'm not going to do it.