Saturday, 2 July 2011

'Suckled on Shadows'

Fuchsia and the villainous Steerpike

I must join in communion with my fellow fans of Mervyn Peake and visit the British Library's exhibition to mark the centenary of his birth. A very great talent, cruelly cut short in life by illness, but leaving behind the masterpiece that is Gormenghast, and a wealth of illustrations.


Pavlov's Cat said...

He was an Old boy at my schoolEltham College , at the time I was there (76-83)his writings were not seen as 'the done sort of thing' were not taught and even not kept in the school library.
They preferred to honour Eric Liddle and the ghastly Fabian Fenner Brockway.

It was only some years after I left and there was a re-evaluation of his writings and they became seen as classics, They decided to rename the school library. The Mervyn Peake Library. Made me want to spit

Trooper Thompson said...