Sunday, 3 July 2011

Time Magazine shreds US Constitution

The concept of limited government has always had enemies, and Time Magazine is amongst them. With a succession of ludicrous absurdities, it makes the case for trashing the US Constitution. Why? Well...
Here are a few things the framers did not know about: World War II. DNA. Sexting. Airplanes. The atom. Television. Medicare. Collateralized debt obligations. The germ theory of disease. Miniskirts. The internal combustion engine. Computers. Antibiotics. Lady Gaga.
That's right, folks. Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and their contemporaries had never heard of third-rate Madonna-wannabe Lady Gaga, so naturally their opinions on limited government should be discarded. This is beyond an insult to the intelligence.

The US Constitution was certainly not dropped down from heaven, is far from perfect, and does not have the power to enforce itself - that requires vigilance from the people of the US. Nevertheless, it has a mechanism for amendment, and it does stipulate limits on the federal government. When these limits are overrun, liberty is threatened and the danger of tyranny grows. The fundamental danger to the United States comes not from the Constitution, but from those who violate it.

Hat tip: Activist Post & Huffington Post

As for Time Magazine, Dylan give 'em both barrels!

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Single acts of tyranny said...

The founders knew tyrants when they saw them however. They may not have known about Pelosi, Obama, McCain, Bush et al, but just as people wanted to be tyrants then, they want to be tyrants now, albeit today they pretend it's for our own good.