Friday, 26 August 2011

Don't listen to experts, experts say

Whenever the descendants of Goebbels have a new measure of tyrannical control to sell, you will find it described as research and those pushing the hateful liberty-destroying plan will always be referred to as experts. It's as if that word alone is enough to justify the idea, no matter how loathsome.

A prime example of such propaganda from the Ministry of Truth is a piece entitled; "Global governments 'must get tough on obesity", with the sub-heading;
"Tougher action - including taxing junk food - is needed by all governments if the obesity crisis is going to be tackled, experts say."
Experts in what? One supposes, given the subject, experts in nutrition. But that in itself does not explain what they are calling for, because in addition to their purported expertise in nutrition, they must also be of a certain political persuasion, otherwise they would not be calling for such tyrannical government action.

It is one thing to release reports on public health, it is quite another to lobby for tyrannical laws. Only state-worshipping, jackboot-licking scum would do that, and therefore, given this unavoidable fact, why on earth would we consider their research to be worthy of consideration? With their ernest desire to inflict tyrannical control over individuals clear for all to see, knowing as we do such people will say anything to push forward such tyrannical goals, we cannot possibly trust a word they have said.

And I should know. I'm an expert in these matters.

Hat tip: Snowolf


Anonymous said...

Ex - has been

Spurt - Drip under pressure

Anonymous said...

The "health visitor" (ie state snooper) who visited my son when he was a year old was lecturing me about healthy eating.

She was about 5ft and around 18 stone and kinda 'waddle/shuffled' to move around. Mrs SAoT was giving me the "don't say a word" glare, but the irony was such that I could not conceal a grin.