Thursday, 11 August 2011

Education's the problem: are you gonna blame the parents for that as well?

The state schools have got to go. It's not the teachers. It's not the buildings or the number of computers. It's the crap they feed into the brains of their victims - our younger generation. It's not all rubbish, but the way they present it makes even the good bits bad. Take a look at the kind of material they use for the 'citizenship' syllabus or 'personal and social development' and you will wonder no more why some of these youngsters don't know the difference between right and wrong.

In a thousand misdirections they are taught; what their rights are (and the need for limits), how big the government is (and why it must always be this way); they learn the reasons why young people steal cars (poverty etc), they learn the process of punishment they can expect if they disobey the law (first you get warning, next you get another warning with a different name etc); they learn that discipline means controlling someone by rewarding and punishing, and that there is no agreement on what is good behaviour or bad, it all depends on the situation. I kid you not.

What parent would fill their child's head with this nonsense?


Single acts of tyranny said...

This is not new phenomena, albeit it has certainly intensified and worsened in recent years.

I recall quite vividly being taught in Geography(for some reason)how the government intervention of President Roosevelt with projects such as the Hoover Dam were a vital "Stimulus package" and how he saved America.

Only much later did I come to realise FDR actually prolonged the depression with idiot policies whilst laying the grond work for twentieth century statism writ large.

Anonymous said...


unfortunately for every one of the us baby boomers who learned to open our minds and research / think for ourselves there were many more who are indoctrinated for life. For generation x'ers the ratio is much higher, for generation Y'ers the ratio must be thousands to one when you consider how many now leave school unable to even read, write or do math to a very basic level.

The future is bleak and state "education" is working as intended.

Michael Fowke said...

Of course, the elite are all right with their private schools.

Guy Jean said...

I'm now reading Ludwig von Mises' "Omnipotent Government". Every now and then he outlines the Marxian view (of labour-laws, of capitalism, of government intervention, of boom and busts, etc.) The Marxian view is always the one most familiar to me. I wonder why that is?

Trooper Thompson said...


I read that not long ago. An interesting history lesson, and I got the impression he was pretty pissed off at the Germans for some reason!