Sunday, 7 August 2011

JFK update

Further to my post below (which none of my readers bothered to comment on, I note sourly), I see new evidence is coming out. This time it's tapes of Jackie O, in which she reportedly states her belief that Lyndon Johnson was in on the hit.

This is, of course, not news to anyone who has bothered to educate themselves. E. Howard Hunt pointed the finger at LBJ, so did LBJ's mistress, and then there's the cryptic remark from Nixon below...

Maybe Jackie was just another crazy conspiracy theorist.


will said...

being a conspiracy theorist one suffers from the same linguistic obstacle as anarchism and atheism. the label could have been designed to put one at an immediate disadvantage. the onus of proof is against you and you are the outsider.
firstly 'conspiracy' obfuscates the main thrust of the political events that we may be referring to in that people can only see overt, backroom dealings. noone is ever open to the possibility that systemic incentives can lead the individuals involved to act in such ways whilst they themselves are almost unaware as to the inevitable result. for example i struggle to convey the effects of the military industrial complex to people because they can easily deride the suggestion based on the improbability that there are actually clandestine meetings between lockheed-martin and the CIA. this may be the case but it is not what i am trying to explain to them. im merely referring to the public choice theory type argument that the system has over time pretty much built itself without any shady nefarious plan and now that system incentivises its own perpetuation. but because of the conspiracy part of the label public choice theory arguments dont get me much traction because it is a assumed that i must be suggesting evil masonic rituals etc. the same can be said of the construction and perpetuation of the welfare dependency trap. sheeple cannot conceive that anyone would design such evil and so it must be untrue. again i am not suggesting moustache twirling marxists plotting power grab money for votes schemes. instead i am trying to explain why the system is the way it is and how it is completely counter productive and unstoppable. its all rational economic incentives but if it isnt an actual pantomime conspiracy i must be talking rubbish.
secondly the 'theory' part immediately puts you on the back foot for obvious reasons.

will said...

i think a proclivity for seeking a better understanding is perhaps something that leads a lot of people toward libertarianism in the same way it does conspiracy theories. i think that the term conspiracy theory is an Orwellian whitewash coverall to prevent free thinking and opposition to the status quo. as with other mechanisms by which the state perpetuates it legitimacy this is impossibly ingrained into some people. you will have encountered such deep seated assumptions in the sheeple. however there are plenty such sheeple paddling in the shallow end of libertarianism. they have a hazy understanding that there is an ethical argument against taxation but will unthinkingly oppose anyone who applies it consistently (resulting in anarchism). they know that the free market is best for providing beans but again will oppose the logical extension of that mechanism to the provision of security and law. and so they are trapped in a subjective consequentialist grey scale where each and every single issue must be debated and squabbled over rather than simpy referring back to first principles and finding a consistent idea. i suggest it is these people, who through no fault of their own, have been subjected to the mind fogging bullshit of hundreds of years of statism and now cannot open their eyes to the possibility that common law originated, developed and thrived in cultures throughout history and across the globe without the state. likewise they cannot open their eyes to the possibility that the structure of the state incentivises just the sort of conspiracy theory they think impossible.

for example in the last 48hr the US have had the world's media focussing on their last minute budget talk theatrics which was followed by the predicted reaction from the markets and a massive drop in sovereign credit rating. then conveniently a chinook was shot down and all the ponzi scheme counterfeiters could point at the towel heads to distract the sheep. similarly in the uk some random police shooting has sparked the sort of rioting that can be easily stoked and manipulated if needed. this is distracting a web connected populace from the real truth of fiat currency manipulation.

also touching on one of your previous posts re guido and sunny hundal. i read the comment thread you were valiantly defending rothbardian libertarianism in. i noticed one commenter jokingly suggested that paul staines (guido?) is such a tit he might well be an MI5 plant sent to misdirect popular debate. it does seem there have been a few of the tired old 'debates' cropping up with greater frequency now that the web is giving more people the truth re fiat currency etc. i mean the death penalty, abortion, euthanasia, etc. its all misdirection.
aside from my point you did well in there against the usual ignorant and misunderstood slurs - somalia, rand, capitalist corporations etc

Trooper Thompson said...

Thanks for the compliment re: that comment thread, which even included the BS that the Mises Institute is pro-slavery ffs.

'Conspiracy theory' is definitely orwellian, in its ability to close down debate. They may as well go the whole hog and call it 'thoughtcrime'. My approach now is to wear the badge with pride, seeing as it will be forced upon me anyway.

What usually annoys me is how people who should know better, who distrust the MSM and the government over every little thing, automatically rally round when it's something bigger.

Clearly there is a lot of BS out there, and we all have to use our intelligence and intuition to sort the wheat from the chaff, but if someone isn't willing to think for themself in such matters and doesn't have the curiousity to wish to know what's going on at a deeper level than the BBC will cover, there's no rational argument I can think of that works to change this.

All I can do is point out certain facts that I think should be accepted by everyone, such as that the state is secretive, that the art of war is and always has been deception, and that criminals, whether employed within the state or not, usually try to cover up their crimes.

will said...

I know what you mean about some 'libertarians' reverting to sheeple on particular issues as if this is all some intellectual game to be cast aside whenevebmr something 'important' comes along. They're happy to 'indulge' in conspiracies such as the green agenda or fabianism but refuse to accept that western governments have been disastrously trying to pick winners among third world revolutionaries for at least a century (for example).

Having reread my comments I should make it clear that I subscribe to several serious and significant conspiracy theories aswell as the more entertaining nazis on the moon/ under the arctic ones. I may have appeared to be against considering conspiracy theory which I'm not.

As for the trolls around hundal - if one wants to massage their wannabe intellectual ego and instinctively react against something of which they are completely ignorant its a pretty easy formula to follow. Simply Wiki search whatever hitherto in-encountered reference has been made. There the suckup lefty can click straight on the criticisms section of the article contents. If you do this for the lvmi it does have some tenuous piffle confusing secession-ism for pro-slavery. Even a cursory perusal of the site would reveal that we aren't all talking slavery or even race at all.

Trooper Thompson said...

As for entertaining CTs, my favourite is the family connection between Barbara Bush and Aleister Crowley - no idea of the truth of it.

I don't quite follow your anti-troll strategy. Luckily in the case of LvMI and the pro-slavery BS, the idiot had linked to a document and claimed it was pro-slavery when it wasn't, which I pointed out. I leave it to others to judge between us.

The problem for anti-CT people is they cut themselves off from a whole lot of information, for fear of CT-contamination.

will said...

Just to clear up my awful rambling - what I meant about the trolls is that that's how they work. They Wiki the lvmi or Rothbard or rand or whatever and then they copy and paste the "criticisms" section.