Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Jon Stewart on the Ron Paul media black-out

Not a great picture, but worth watching.

Hat tip: Lew Rockwell's Political Theatre

As Dr Paul says in the first video below, he is rock-solid consistent. Therefore, here he is appearing during the last nomination debate. The message stays the same.

Part 2 here.

UPDATE: For the UK corporate media version, see the Graun with this piece, that doesn't mention Dr Paul once, and this article, which highlights the attempts to ignore Dr Paul, but naturally has to start the subheading with "The Texan libertarian won't win the GOP nomination ...".


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul will not be allowed to become President and if he did how long would he last. JFK removed, Nixon removed and Reagan was shot after which he became a puppet. The bankers and the military-industrial complex will not let it happen

Trooper Thompson said...

People are more aware of these things now. The plotters of such attacks know that, if anything happens to Dr Paul, the presumption will be that it was a conspiracy.

Besides America has got no other option but to put Ron Paul in the Whitehouse.