Sunday, 14 August 2011

A "new generation of suffragettes"? Err, why?

They've already got the vote. What do they want now?


Single acts of tyranny said...

Wow, the article amounts to "we don't like certain stuff and will try to impose our will by force on those who disagree" From a feminist to a fascist in one easy step

Why else have arrest training? Oh and ladies, you do not 'get heavier' when floppy ~ this would be against the laws of physics, you are just more awkward to carry. My son has mastered this at two, why do you need a training course?

That said, I fancy one or two of the ladies would be damned tricky to carry, even for those of us who attend the gym regularly, so don't expect to be carried over the threshold anytime soon....

whoops, have I stumbled over the truth?

and when was the last time you say a really beautiful, slender femine woman opposed to lap-dancing? Be honest ladies, we can see the real agenda here.

Trooper Thompson said...

Well, everyone has a right to protest and boycott, and there are legitimate issues for feminists to protest about, but not really concerning this country any more.