Monday, 1 August 2011

Night of the Libertarian Zombies Party

I've just received a strange email from somebody called Nic Coome who claims to be the chairman of the Libertarian Party UK. The funny thing is, the party used to have a chairman called Nic Coome, but he resigned about four months ago, around the time that Andrew 'the Hamsterphage' Withers went into hiding with all the party funds (what was left, that is: circa 29p).

It seems that all the NCC people who resigned and tried to kill the party in order to prevent anyone else looking at the books are all back from the dead, acting natural.

Personally, If I see Swiss Andy or any of his gravedigger chums, I shall be following standard anti-zombie technique - better safe than sorry.



Dick Puddlecote said...

If anyone's mind hadn't already been made up, the voluntary comparison between libertarians and Breivik would have sealed it.

That's about it, then.

Trooper Thompson said...

I assume you are referring to Nic Coome's strange message?

Certainly any party involving the Swiss Andy and gang can go whistle, but I can't say what's happening with the party people I know, who, the last time I heard, were moving on to the Post-Hamstergate future.

It may be that Andrew gets to keep his ball (i.e. the accounts) and with his key lieutenants manages to escape scrutiny, due to reasons of geography as much as apathy.