Monday, 8 August 2011

Rockwell and Woods: who could ask for more?

Ah, life's simple pleasures: Tom Woods interviewing Lew Rockwell on the latter's show. Very interesting, shedding light on some of the history of the libertarian movement, such as the setting up of the Mises Institute and the origins of the Koch brothers' enmity towards Mises and Rothbard.

Tom, writing on his blog, says this about the occasion:
"Lew Rockwell graciously permitted me to interview him on his own podcast, The Lew Rockwell Show, several days ago. Lew, as Robert Wenzel notes, is one of the great entrepreneurs of libertarian ideas. Here we talk about all kinds of things: how he first became interested in these ideas, his work on the Goldwater campaign, the evolution of his views on foreign policy, how he first met Murray Rothbard and Ron Paul, why the Beltway libertarians pretend Rothbard doesn’t exist, and much more."

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