Friday, 5 August 2011

Take a long hard look at that face

I'm not putting a photo of Jason Owen on this blog, but everyone should take a very good look, because thanks to the aliens of Planet Zog who have infiltrated the judiciary (I'm guessing here, I'm really not sure what planet they're from) one of Baby P's killers is now back amongst us.

Three years for torturing a baby to death. Seems a bit... what's the word?.. lenient? Or maybe it's me. I must be one of those awful 'rightwingers' I've read so much about.

I'm well aware that he wasn't convicted of murder, merely 'causing or allowing' the murder to take place. Who can begrudge him a second chance, or a twentieth chance or whatever the fuck it is now? On your way, son. Try not to kill any toddlers, could you?

Three fucking years. The judges who let him out, including Lord Justice Hughes (below); the blood will be on your hands.
Lord Justice Hughes: the man responsible for freeing Baby P killer after 3 years. Thanks for nothing, you ridiculous fancy-dress cunt.


The Humble Servant said...

This might be a little controversial but he gets 3 years while a guy who had consentual sex with his daughter gets 10 months. Story here

Now I'm not a big fan of incest but I think there's something seriously fucked up with society when two adults get told by the state they can't have consensual sex with someone they're attracted to and that as a crime, it is a 25% as bad as being involved in the brutal murder of a child.

Like I said, incest isn't for me but 10 months while this piece of scum gets only 3 years?!?!

Trooper Thompson said...

There's just no scale of anything where 3 years incarceration can be considered proportionate for his role in a child's death, and he was hardly an unblemished character before that conviction as far as I remember.