Monday, 26 September 2011

A plan for growth

We hear little else from the politicians these days. They delude themselves that the nation's economic problems will be solved, if only they can come up with a plan - perhaps a Glorious Five Year Plan like the soviets used to trumpet, and, considering our government's understanding of statehood and economics is about on a par with Uncle Joe and his Kremlin mechanics, that would at least show a measure of deference for the statist trail-blazers they seek to emulate.

Anyway, here's my plan:

Cut tax savagely
Cut expenditure savagely

Don't use a Keynesian model - USE A BLACK DEATH MODEL


Bill said...

Even I'd register to vote if that was on the table.

Captain Ranty said...

I support the full plan.

When can we begin?


Trooper Thompson said...


if you live in South East London, I'll see what I can do to stand next time.

Captain, I was under the impression you'd already started!