Friday, 2 September 2011

"What else needs to be shot?"

I guess those of you who liked the post below may well have clicked through to Hickok45's channel and seen this one too, but it's worth seeing again. Simple and effective; pretty much like the Glock 21. It makes you realise how much fun we're all missing in this huge victim disarmament zone called England.


Angry Exile said...

He badly needs to tune his shooting range if he wants to get a half decent tune out of it.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago, pre-the ban, I used to shoot handguns at a legal range. I never owned a gun or wanted to take one home, I just used to go to the range with a friend and squeeze off some rounds with all kinds of pistols from .22 revolvers to the Dirty Harry .44 Magnum (it was before the Smith & Wesson .50 calibre was available).

I greatly resent the fact this lawful, victimless leisure activity is now illegal, especially since criminals ignore the law and as we have recently seen, a cop who may or may not turn up in minutes, when seconds count, is not much use.

Trooper Thompson said...

AE, it's music to my ears.

SAOT, there's a host of reasons to resent the violation of our liberties, and one of them is the enjoyment of the sport we are denied.

Anonymous said...

You can still obtain a firearms certificate to buy, shoot and keep a pistol at home in the UK - provided that you belong to a shooting club and live in Northern Ireland.

Trooper Thompson said...


that's interesting. I guess that's the result of a lot of lobbying by NI police officers and the like?