Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Why I loath the Daily Mail; part 94

With the title of the link; 'Isn't it time you stopped cavorting semi-nude, Jade?', the Daily Mail brings us the incredibly important scoop that Jade Jagger has been seen topless on the beach in Formentera. Of course it has the photos to prove it, with a black line tastefully inserted to cover the nipples.

I think the Daily Mail needs to ask itself a few questions, such as;

Isn't it time you stopped paying paparazzi to sneak around taking photos of women on the beach AND DID SOME FUCKING REPORTING?

Or, if such a thing is inconceivable, why not just give up the pretence that you are a newspaper, and focus exclusively on the trashy titilation?

But I guess the main point is; If Jade Jagger's tits offend you, THEN DON'T PUT THEM IN YOUR SO-CALLED NEWSPAPER.

Personally, I like the female form. Jade Jagger is not a teenager, she doesn't have a teenager's body. She's got a woman's body, there's nothing wrong with it, and if she wants to get it out, it's her business, and it's certainly not newsworthy in any way.


Longrider said...

Perhaps the Mail is trying to plug the gap left by the News of the World?

The answer to the question is, of course, none of their business.

Westerlyman said...

Only topless? Last time I was there is was nude bathing for all (provided the two cops on the island weren't around) Admittedly that was the 70's.

Michael Fowke said...

I agree. We need more tits, not less.

Trooper Thompson said...


I think it's always been the same. Westerlyman, it hadn't died out the last time I was there, five years ago or so. Michael, I'm not sure who you're agreeing with, but thanks for the support!

Angry Exile said...

Isn't it time you stopped paying paparazzi to sneak around taking photos of women on the beach AND DID SOME FUCKING REPORTING?

The Mainly Fail has got pretty bad at this lately if its webshite is anything to go by. No matter what the article is about - politics, sport, technology, medicine, you name it - the margin is full of thumbnailed links about selebs, most of whom seem to be women and often in their togs on a beach somewhere. Now and again I count up the number of names I actually recognise, ignoring any that I know only from seeing them in exactly the same place the last time I read a Fail article. Mostly I don't know who roughly half these people are and sometimes it's been as low as about a third, so from my perspective the Mail could be guilty of random stalking.

Trooper Thompson said...


I have the same experience. I don't have a clue who these bikini-clad girls are.