Monday, 24 October 2011

111 Democrats; 483 Traitors

I'm proud of the 111 MPs, from both sides, who voted in favour of democracy, and spoke up for the people of this country.

Shame on the 483. You are all a disgrace to this country.


Anonymous said...

One slight adjustment 111 token democrats 483 party supporters.

Trooper Thompson said...

The people who voted in favour did what was required of them and showed themselves democrats. A number spoke very well in support of the motion.

The motion, with its spoiler third option was doomed to failure, but it has achieved something - what exactly remains to be seen.

The 483 are traitors plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

And next,the purge.
After that the purgers.

Anonymous said...

483 were looking after their jobs. That's the problem with bourgeois liberal " democracy"

Trooper Thompson said...


maybe so, but sadly they are representative, because most people don't give a fuck. If the pro-Brussels people weren't such utter cowards, they'd call the referendum and probably win.